The Youth Apostolate of the Syro-Malabar Eparchy of St Thomas the Apostle, Melbourne, calling everyone to partner through Five Loaves. It supports the Youth Apostolate to develop and deliver the catechesis, training, activities, events, retreats, formation programs and mission projects for the young people in our Eparchy.

Five Loaves: What is it?

Five Loaves is a ‘pray and partner’ campaign for all the youth activities across our Eparchy. You promise to skip a meal/meals per month and submit your abstinence as a prayer for all the projects and initiatives as you sign up for the ‘Five Loaves’ campaign. You can opt to skip one or more meals every month and offer what God inspires you to share. In addition, if you cannot fast for any health reason, you may opt to make a prayer and offer the same amount.

As you commit to Five Loaves, you are praying for the mission and partnering in it. Meanwhile, the youth apostolate’s intercession team will also commit to pray during the ‘6 am Prayer Warriors‘ for your intentions on the day you are designated to fast and pray.

Why Five Loaves?

“Taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven, and blessed and broke the loaves, and gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the crowds” (Matthew 14:19)

All four gospels account for the story of the Judean boy who decided to skip his meal and give his five loaves to Jesus, who in turn blesses it and use it to satisfy the hunger of multitudes. Thus, when an individual decides to partake in Lord’s work with whatever they have, Lord multiplies it for the benefit of many.

The ‘Five Loaves’ will fund all the activities, especially the mission project ‘Sliha daMsiha’. So that those young men and women who come forward to take up the commit of a year/months for the Lord can witness Christ, proclaim the Word, live the Faith and form disciples.

Five Loaves: Why is it so important?

You can play a paramount role in the faith formation of our young generation. It is possible through the 5 Loaves campaign. When you sign up as a partner, you are helping us to plan and execute the programs and projects for the youth with confidence. Your financial support is the key to accomplish these.

Five Loaves: How can I contribute?

You can contribute an amount every month or as a one-off payment. We are looking for people who can regularly contribute every month. We thank you in advance for your support, and your contribution is greatly appreciated.