Plenary Session will be based of the specific theme for the day. The sessions will include music, talk and a performance from a parish.


Workshops will be based on the specific streams and the talk/discussions will be based on the topics relevant to the stream/age group.

discussion desks

During the break’s, resources will be available at the designated areas at the venue for participants to approach and ask questions which can lead into deeper conversations and revelations.

enchanting exhibitions

Exhibitions regarding the Holy Qurbana and Syro-Malabar traditions will be available for the participants to spend time learning and understanding.

games galleria

Different gaming stations will be available during the breaks for group to immerse themselves in sports and other activities.

outdoor entertainment

There will be an outdoor stage where there will be performances during the breaks for people to sit on the open field and enjoy.

concert atmosphere

There will be stage performances by the Songs of Seraphim (Youth National Band) throughout the 4 days, as well as resources from the U.S.


There will be plenty of time made available to meet fellow Syro-Malabar Youth from across the nation.

sacrament of reconcliation

Sacrament of Reconciliation will be made available through specific times for the participants.

holy qurbana and adoration

Participants will be able to partake in the Holy Qurbana and Adoration everyday and experience the presence of God.

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